Working in Recruitment

Is recruitment the right career choice?

For those of you that have toyed with the idea of becoming a recruitment consultant, it can be helpful to understand firsthand what considerations need to be made to ensure it’s the right choice for you. So what better way than an insight into the reasoning behind my change in career.

A move from PR to recruitment…

I worked in Bristol at a boutique PR & Social Media agency for just over a year. Like any career, PR has its highs and lows, but during this time I was lucky enough to work on some great TV shows and with some exciting clients. It was during my relocation to London whilst working for this agency that I knew it was time for a career change. I’d never entertained the thought of moving into recruitment but one of the first advertisements I came across whilst searching was for a creatively-led recruitment agency. It suddenly resonated with me that I could still retain all the elements I loved in my previous role, but in an entirely different way.

Each time you receive a new brief (role) it’s like running your own (PR) campaign. In its most simple process, you liaise with the client, write an ad and then begin the search for the best candidates, be it through CVs, LinkedIn, referrals or recommendations, developing a great candidate campaign.  All the while, you get to meet great people and have an insight into London’s top agencies!

Are my skills transferable?

PR is fast-paced and high-pressured.  If a campaign succeeds and you secure high-profile placements, you think things are going great. It’s easy, right? Not quite. The important thing is how you deal with the lows. This is exactly how recruitment works too;  it’s vital to never falter and keep striving to do the best for candidates and clients alike (and your employer!)

Other aspects are crucial in recruitment too. Do you have an interest in and a common understanding of your sector? Can you dissect a brief and put together an ad that will appeal to the reader…akin to writing a press release, non? Perhaps most important is that you choose to work ethically and treat your candidates and clients with the upmost respect. I treat my candidates and clients as I would like to be treated – managing expectations and being honest.

By working with creative and advertising agencies, I never feel like I’m missing out. I get to use Social Media to aid my desk, I hear of the latest exciting and outside-the-box campaigns and help people progress within their career. It doesn’t get much better than that!