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Account handler jobs

Account handler jobs

A client’s expectation is there to be exceeded and an account handler’s role is instrumental in ensuring the customer is fully satisfied.  The account handler needs to have an understanding of each client’s unique needs and act on them always ensuring client satisfaction.  If you are looking for a busy, varied, yet rewarding client facing role, where no day is the same, then account handling is the job for you.

What do account handler jobs involve?

The main focus of an account handler is to act as a link between the client and the agency, on a daily basis.  They are responsible for liaising between the client and other agency staff to coordinate the client’s advertising needs. 

An account handler could be responsible for  a single client or manage 10 plus depending on the size of the client and agency.  This role is a very important one as it is the account handler’s function to help build and sustain a long-term relationship with the client and ensure agency work is completed on time and completed to a high standard.

In terms of hierarchy, an account handler often reports to an account manager or account director.  Account handling can open up opportunities and a clear career progression path can be made as account handlers can develop into an account manager role, and eventually an account director role.

What salary could I expect from account handler jobs?

Account handler roles usually attract a starting salary of between £17,000 - £22,000 a year, dependent on relevant experience and qualifications.  It is also common to earn commission and bonuses on top of the basis wage, as there is often the opportunity to sell advertising related services and solution to clients.

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