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Ad Agency Jobs London

Ad Agency Jobs

If you’re interested in finding work with an advertising agency, you’ll already have a good idea of what to expect: a fast-paced environment where the best talents will thrive. The hours can be long and the pressure high, but so are the prospects for promotion.

Whether working for a general ad agency or a digital agency, you’ll be involved with creating and delivering advertising campaigns for clients. While your work may encompass advertising via newspapers, magazines and television, it’s more likely to involve the web. Whether delivered by mobile devices, tablets or desktops, digital advertising is in the ascendancy. Creativity is key, especially where the ever-changing world of technology is concerned and it’s essential that you keep your ‘ear to the ground’ in terms of new developments.

Pay Per Click, email, video and banner advertising are all forms of digital advertising. Digital ad agencies use social media platforms and other web-based tools to deliver marketing and advertising campaigns.

What do ad agency jobs entail?

A typical ad agency will offer a variety of roles, some of which will be creative positions. Ad agencies thrive on ideas – which is where your creative skills will be called into force. As clients seek to increase consumer recognition and develop their brand, you’ll be involved with every stage of the project. From conceiving ideas through to developing the most promising concepts, the creative advertising team will work closely together to devise the most eye-catching, and therefore talked about, campaigns going. Creative advertising demands a familiarity with emerging technologies, as clients seek to harness the power of web and mobile advertising.

Professionals who excel within the ad agency environment are typically highly-motivated, outgoing individuals who revel in the unique challenges that the job presents. A knack for consistently coming up with great ideas – often while working under pressure – is essential. It may not be a technically demanding job, but advertising calls for creative thinking and an ability to work to tight deadlines. Looking for a quiet life? If so, ad agency work might not be for you. 

As an account manager you need to build on the client’s expectations and ideas and form a creative brief which meets the client’s needs.  Creating, nurturing and maintaining the relationship with the customer is the main responsibility of the account manager, therefore being a good communicator with great interpersonal skills is essential.  The number of client’s handled by an account manager varies depending on the complexity of the requirements and the overall budget. The role of account manager within an ad agency focusses on ensuring agency work is completed on time, to budget and completed to a high standard. There are options to progress and an account manager can develop into an account director role given the right training.

However, advertising is a notoriously tough industry – one that demands large amounts of ambition, determination and enthusiasm.

What salary can I expect from an ad agency job?

Should you take a job as an account manager, a starting salary of £25,000 - £30,000 is realistic. As an account director, upwards of £40,000 is more likely. Executive ad agency positions, meanwhile, can range from £50-70,000 depending on experience.

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