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Advertising Agency Jobs London

Advertising Agency Jobs London

Advertising agencies specialise in devising and delivering advertising and other marketing campaigns on behalf of clients. Some agencies focus on traditional advertising methods, including printed media, radio and television. Increasingly, however, many agencies are focusing exclusively on digital advertising. Should you secure work with an advertising agency, it is likely that much of your work will be based around the digital realm: delivering campaigns for clients via the web, including direct adverts and social media.

With the UK’s media concentrated in London, it’s no surprise that the best advertising agency jobs are to be found in the capital. While northerly cities such as Manchester also boast their share of ad agencies, London is where the bulk of the jobs are to be found.

What do advertising agency jobs entail?

Advertising agency jobs can encompass a variety of roles. Choose a career in creative advertising, for example, and you’ll be responsible for conceiving eye-catching ad campaigns for the web and in print. You’ll need to be adept at working as a team player and devising great ideas that accord to the client’s goals and brand identity.

Alternatively, you may find a position as an Account Manager, where you’ll be expected to liaise with clients and PR contacts. Advertising can be a fast-paced, highly-competitive industry. If you’re the sort of person who relishes a challenge and has great interpersonal skills, you’ll thrive in the advertising business.

The role of Digital Account Manager is a more specialisedposition that can be found with many advertising agencies. This entails working across multiple channels including the web, mobile and tablet devices. Ad campaigns will be developed and delivered in accordance with the client’s brief. Digital advertising is most definitely in the ascendancy. Creativity is key, especially where the ever-changing world of technology is concerned and it’s essential that you keep your ‘ear to the ground’ in terms of new developments.

As an account manager you need to build on the client’s expectations and ideas and form a creative brief which meets the client’s needs.  Creating, nurturing and maintaining the relationship with the customer is the main responsibility of the account manager, therefore being a good communicator with great interpersonal skills is essential.  The number of client’s handled by an account manager varies depending on the complexity of the requirements and the overall budget. The role of account manager within an ad agency focusses on ensuring agency work is completed on time, to budget and completed to a high standard. There are options to progress and an account manager can develop into an account director role given the right training.

What salary can I expect from an advertising agency job in London?

The average salary for an account manager currently stands at just under £25K, with account director jobs starting at £40,000. For a senior account managerial role in London, a salary in excess of £50K can be expected. The advertising industry offers swift promotion opportunities for those who excel within the job. Work hard, exceed your client expectations and you’ll go far.

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