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Community Manager Jobs

Being a Community Manager entails taking care of a company’s social media channels. This may involve running a portfolio of accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and LinkedIn. The Community Manager is responsible for conveying the brand message consistently across all platforms and engaging with consumers via the use of social media.

What do Community Manager jobs entail?

Community Managers are expected to be a bit good at everything. The job attracts graduates from a marketing background, as there is a heavy marketing element to the job, including the use of digital media to disseminate a brand message. Good PR and communicatory skills are essential in order to become a successful community manager.

The job is about more than merely conveying the client’s message in a consistent and engaging manner: it also calls for an ability to listen to consumers. After all, social media is all about directly engaging with your target audience. You will be expected to use social media monitoring tools to gather data and report on metrics. This is a varied job in which there will be a multitude of tasks to perform and many skills to master.

To become a Community Manager, you will be expected to have experience of working with social media and delivering successful marketing campaigns. Unlike some digital media professions, however, there is scope for graduates directly entering the workplace in the role of community manager. More often, graduates will take a junior position before working their way up to become a senior community manager.

Community managers will naturally be adept at all aspects of Web 2.0, including digital marketing, SEO, CMS, blogging, analytics, Twitter and Facebook. Good organisational skills will also be an advantage when it comes to event planning and running promotions via social media.

What salary can I expect as a Community Manager?

Community Managers can earn between £25-40k per year, depending on experience and their track record within the marketing industry.

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