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Creative services jobs

Creative Services Jobs

Some of us are just born with that creative instinct and in an economy with an ever-growing appreciation for those artistically minded; the creative services job market continues to buck the overall employment trend. Whether it’s advertising, design or PR, with the explosion of the internet and the constant need for more imaginative and innovative solutions, creative services and the various job titles it encompasses has been thrust to the forefront of economic focus, with the number of creative services jobs having grown at twice the rate of the economy as whole according to government figures published in December 2011.  

What do creative services jobs involve?

Creative services jobs covers a wide range of roles within the sector and is not just limited to the more traditional forms that most of us would associate with the term “creative”. Yes the creative services job sector includes the likes of graphic design, branding and advertising roles but it can also feature less mainstream positions such as copywriting jobs, not just from an advertising and PR perspective but also SEO copywriting in a wide-range of sectors that you wouldn’t typically associate with the creative sector, such as medical copywriting or even financial copywriting. Whilst a less prominent (but nevertheless growing) part of the creative services job sector, is those involved in video production in any capacity, be it editing or the actual camerawork. Additionally, it can mean Traffic jobs, Art Buying jobs, Producer jobs, Project Manager jobs and even, believe it or not…Creative Services Manager jobs.

What salary could I expect from Creative Services jobs?

The financial compensation for creative services jobs is as varied as the jobs themselves but for the right position and with the right qualifications, you can generally expect to receive between £20,000 - £25,000 a year at the more junior end, and £38000 - £55000 at the senior end. Graphic design jobs in particular can vary significantly but the average is around £28,000 - £35000 a fall of about 8% on the average in 2010-11, showing that not all creative services jobs are immune to the economic difficulties. Copywriter jobs are often awarded on a part-time/contractor basis but those searching for full-time positions can expect a salary of around £32,000 - £45000

Obviously this is hugely dependent on the particular job you are applying for, your individual experience and the company you will be working for but with the creative services job market one of the fastest growing employment sectors - the number of job opportunities is likely to continue to rise accordingly.

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