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Developer jobs

Web Developer jobs

In the modern business environment, keeping up with technology is essential to the successful operation and continued growth of a company - a statement that even the most technophobic of business owners, either already understands or will need to understand in the coming years if their business is to survive. From PHP and HTML to JAVA and CSS (and that’s just for the web!), most of us have little understanding of the inner workings of the technology we use on a daily basis and yet are so heavily reliant on it. Worrying for business owners? Possibly. Great for developers jobs prospects? Definitely!

The developer jobs market has weathered the economic storm of the past 3 years simply because they are indispensable to many firms and as the focus of many businesses shifts towards these modern technologies the demand continues to grow. In a world where job security is a priority for many, developer job opportunities are likely to be plentiful for many years to come.

What do developer jobs involve?

Developer jobs can cover quite a range of different areas with many developers specialising in particular areas. For example, software developer jobs are likely to involve (as the name suggests!) the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software applications and systems. Similarly, JAVA developers will likely work as part of a team designing web applications the purpose of which will vary depending on the particular company you choose to work for. These are just two examples of the type of developer jobs available but with many specialisations such as web developers, server developers, .NET developers (and even variations on that - ASP.NET, VB.NET etc). We can’t forget of course, game developers and the job-of-the-moment, iphone app developers.

What salary could I expect from developer jobs?

Developer jobs, as with most jobs, vary depending on a series of factors such as experience, qualifications etc but the average salary is around £35,000, rising to around the £55,000 mark for those working in London at a Senior Developer level. Interestingly, the salary for developer jobs has continued to rise in contrast to the majority of others over the past two years.

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