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Digital account manager jobs

Digital account managers are essential to the smooth and problem-free operation and implementation of any online marketing campaign. Like managers or supervisors but for individual client campaigns - in some cases more than one at a time - without digital account managers, the organisation of the campaigns would be much harder to facilitate across departments.

Digital account manager jobs do not necessarily need degrees but in most cases applicants will hold at least an undergraduate degree, ideally in a Media, PR or related field. Digital media is a specialist field and experience within it will often be a necessity for digital account manager jobs, whilst previous managerial or supervisory positions will also be looked upon favorably.

What Do Digital Account Manager Jobs Involve?

A digital account manager is responsible for working alongside the creative department of a company in order to supervise the creation and implementation of internet-based and digital advertising and promotional campaigns. The digital account manager will oversee and direct the individuals qualified and experienced in their various specialities such as SEO, design, PR etc in order to create an effective and wide-reaching advertising campaign for the client or their company. It is the digital account manager who develops a relationship with the client and relays any requests for certain additions or modifications to their current marketing plan to the appropriate individuals. As the liaison with the client, the digital account manager will also be responsible for updating the client with the progress of any given project and submitting the bills and invoices for the amount of hours worked by their agency on the client project.

What Salary Could I Expect From Digital Account Manager Jobs?

Digital account manager jobs can attract an average wage of around £27,500 in the UK with 10% offered salaries over £34,750 and 90% of all digital account manager jobs offering salaries of more than £22,900. This has actually decreased over previous years, with 90% of digital account manager jobs in 2011 offered salaries of over £25,000 and £28,500 in 2010.  However, the field is diverse and ever moving, every few months new digital offerings come to the market. Digital Account Managers with experience in such new areas are able to command higher salaries due to the shortage of skills in the market.

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