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Digital agency jobs

Digital agency jobs

The term digital agency is a relatively recent one and was coined to try and separate the more traditional areas of advertising from those more specific to the online sector. The core difference between the services digital agencies offer and traditional PR and advertising companies is that the digital agency services are almost exclusively online. So those applying for digital agency jobs can expect to be working on behalf of clients to promote their company, product or service online whereas a PR agency may be more likely to be looking to gain them exposure through printed press, offline advertising etc.

Digital agency jobs are growing rapidly, not just due to the growing number of digital agencies but also that more and more PR agencies are shifting their focus from offline advertising mediums to online platforms in attempt to appeal to their target demographic directly. This may come in the form of facebook adverts or google adwords but whilst there is always likely to be a need for offline advertising, more and more major companies and institutions are turning to the digital agencies to obtain the exposure and/or customer interaction they are looking for.

What do digital agency jobs involve?

Digital agency jobs can often overlap with other categories, as they cover all aspects of Creative jobs, Design jobs, Developer jobs, Account Manager jobs, Project Manager jobs and Producer jobs., but it also incorporates jobs focusing around areas such as viral advertising campaigns, search engine optimisation (SEO) and promotion of a particular company, service or brand via social media and networking platforms. SEO jobs are particularly popular at the moment with thousands of online companies both large and small, requiring ongoing assistance to help them develop and maintain their search engine rankings. Similarly, the number of viral advertising jobs is growing following the huge success that even smaller companies have had thanks to innovative and creative viral advertising campaigns.

What salary could I expect from digital agency jobs?

Of the digital agency job categories, SEO Jobs are one of the most common and can expect to be paid around £30,000 - £35000. Viral marketing jobs are significantly higher paid with the average being around £43,750, up from £35,000* in 2010 - a further indication of the importance placed on these viral marketing jobs in modern marketing. Social media marketing executives can expect to earn around £24,000 - £28,000 per year at a junior level and up to £60,000 per year, at a senior level.

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