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Digital design jobs

Digital Graphic Design Jobs In London

Digital graphic design jobs are similar to many other jobs of this nature in that, the categories in which they fall into may overlap. The majority of digital and graphic design jobs could be classed under the “creative services” or even possibly the “digital agency” services category but as the internet overtakes the high-street, the job descriptions become even more detailed. There’s no such thing as just web design anymore, there’s wordpress design, joomla design, CMS design, interactive design, experience design and user interface design amongst others. Similarly, digital design needs its own category, with a huge range of different roles falling under it’s technologically-advanced umbrella!

What do digital graphic design jobs involve?

Whilst digital design jobs may refer to many different areas, the name given to the category does describe them all pretty accurately - they all focus around the design of certain things using computer software. The most common digital design jobs focus around digital versions of traditional newsletters, flyers, brochures, logos and other corporate marketing material. However, it may also refer to other areas of design such as magazine design, illustrations or the development of cartoons and similar computer-animated characters, which may be used for websites, or even for small productions for advertisements etc. The term digital design job may also refer to those who design the actual content for computer games, cartoons and similar productions based around computer-generated characters.

Obviously there is a difference between designing a website page, mobile phone screen title page, or cartoon character than actually producing it, so in some cases the digital design job may require the individual to work as part of a team alongside game developers or film  makers(whether in an actual film capacity or simply for advert). 

What salary could I expect from digital design jobs?

Whilst the description above details the many different positions that the term may incorporate, the majority of digital design jobs will focus around the design of material for both external and internal distribution by companies and businesses. For this kind of digital design job, you can expect an average wage of around £24,000, increasing to around £27,000 for those working at a junior level in London. Seniors, you can expect an average wage of around £32,000, increasing to around £45,000 for those working in London. Digital graphic design jobs focusing on animation and the related areas of design can expect a higher wage of around £35,000 increasing to around £50,000 for jobs based in the capital.

Source specialise in recruiting for digital and graphic design jobs in London.  Contact is to find out more.

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