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Flash designer jobs

Flash is one of the more complicated aspects of online development but as with most job sectors, this can result in the appropriately experienced individuals attracting impressive salaries. The term Flash designer refers to individuals who are able to utilise the Adobe Flash software to create and design products for use on online platforms and websites. An extension of graphic and website design, Flash designer jobs can involve the creation and development of everything from interactive online platforms and websites for use across a wide range of sectors from Finance to Education.

As with many in the design industry, Flash designer jobs do not have a set educational or qualification requirements but at least one of experience, knowledge or education in working with Adobe Flash in the manner required by the job will likely be a necessity in a successful application. In many cases the employer may also require candidates to have a knowledge of other online and development software in addition to Adobe Flash such as JavaScript, XML, XHTML and SQL.

What Do Flash Designer Jobs Involve?

Flash designer jobs involve the creation of interactive online content such as online games, moving advertisements and interactive and dynamic banners and introductory pages for websites through the use of the Adobe Flash software and other similar software programs. Whilst the individual job requirements will likely differ depending on the company offering the flash designer jobs, the ability to use Flash software to create dynamic and attractive applications and designs is essential to a successful career as a Flash designer.

Flash designer jobs may involve working within a group or independently, under the direction of a department head or creative director to discuss, create and develop projects using Adobe Flash in order to achieve their primary objective.

What Salary Could I Expect From Flash Designer Jobs?

The average salary for Flash Designer jobs is approximately £29,000 per year in the UK, with 90% of Flash designer jobs offered a salary over £27,500 and 10% offered salaries of over £70,000. This varies depending on experience, individual company and the location of the job (London positions are inevitably offered higher salaries to account for higher living costs).  A middleweight Flash Designer could expect a salary starting £35000, in London, whilst a Senior Flash Designer could earn from £40000 upwards.

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