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Why use us?

A huge advantage to choosing Source and Lipton Fleming and the reason we are the preferred recruitment agency to the creative communications and media industry, is our unparalleled and up-to-date knowledge of the space. After all, it is all that we do!       

Our team of experienced Consultants are in and out of advertising, marketing, design agencies and client side businesses every day of the week. We know where is hot and where is not. It's our job to know the personalities involved at every company, the issues, the atmosphere, the work ethic, as well as the output, the services and client list.

This means that you're safe in our hands. We will seek to find you an environment in which you can thrive, and ensure that you don't end up somewhere which could hinder your career!               

We are a team of Connected People Connecting People.

Don't just take our word for it though. Read what candidates say about us.                                

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Veronika Sigrist
Veronika Sigrist

She's our Media Planning and Buying/Digital Performance Consultant.

I love meeting and listening to people and my main aim is help candidates to find their dream role. Having covered other recruitment sectors before joining Source LF, I recently completed my MA in theatre at RADA so I am extrem...

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