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Information Architect Jobs

An Information Architect, sometimes known as an IA, is tasked with the presentation and delivery of information in the most effective manner, to ensure the best possible reaction from the target demographic. It’s all well and good having quality content but in the vast majority of industries, if it’s not displayed in the right way it may never even be read let alone have the desired impact. A career that has grown in popularity as the focus on the modern business world shifts towards the online platforms, experienced Information Architects capable of helping companies convert their website visitors into customers are highly sought after and generously remunerated.

What do Information Architect jobs involve?

As mentioned above, it is the Information Architects job to ensure that the pre-prepared content is presented in a way that will successfully reach the target audience of the client or company they are working for. With online platforms accounting for the majority of Information Architect jobs now, the structuring and organisation of the digital content and ensuring a simple and direct user interface are both integral parts of Information Architect jobs. They will liaise with potential or existing customers which may involve conducting field studies or interviews and create process flow maps and interactive simulations to best determine how a customer will react and subsequently make modifications accordingly.

What salary could I expect from Information Architect jobs?

Information Architect jobs come with a wide-ranging salary bracket but even the bottom end of that bracket can attract generous annual salaries with hourly contractors on between £300 - £500 per day and full-time employees looking at salaries of £30k-40k per year. Senior Information Architects, particularly those at leading online companies, may receive salaries starting at £40k but going up to as much as £80k depending on experience and the company concerned.

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