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iPhone Developer Jobs

Apple’s development of the iPhone has revolutionised the mobile phone industry and almost single handedly turned them into the most profitable company in the world. It has also created a whole new career path, with the popularity and financial success of iPhone apps creating iPhone Developer jobs across all sectors. Freelance and permanent iPhone Developer jobs have not only become a key part of the business development and marketing efforts of established companies but have formed standalone businesses, such as the app Instagram which was created by a team of just 6 developers before selling to Facebook in early 2012 for a billion dollars

What do iPhone Developer jobs involve?

iPhone Developer jobs will generally involve the various aspects of application development and creation, ranging from the initial inception to the design of the user interface and functionality. The intended purpose and brief for the application may vary depending on the client or the company you work for and may be for entertainment purposes or marketing. The types of applications are as wide-ranging as the companies you may be working for, in this day and age iPhone applications are used by companies of all sizes who may hire internal developers or outsource it to specialist app development companies who have a team of developers.

What salary could I expect from iPhone Developer jobs?Around the world, there has been a growth in iPhone Developer jobs that has bucked the overall trend in employment and continued to create employment opportunities for appropriately qualified developers. It has also seen employers scrambling for the best, innovative developers and willing to pay generous wages for those who can meet their requirements with some senior developer positions commanding wages of over £50k per year whilst even junior developers can expect a salary of £25,000 - £35,000 depending on the role applied for and experience of the individual.

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