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Javascript Developer Jobs

JavaScript Developer Jobs

A JavaScript developer works using JavaScript, a lightweight, object-oriented scripting language that is commonly used on web pages and other environments including mobile gaming. The job requires a strong knowledge of JavaScript and browser optimisations as well as various advanced techniques.

What do JavaScript developer jobs entail?

As a JavaScript developer, you’ll likely be helping to develop software, games and applications for the web, mobile and tablet devices. JavaScript is particularly in demand within the mobile gaming sector, which has expanded rapidly in recent years.

The most obvious route to becoming a JavaScript developer is obtaining a Computer Science or similar degree. To secure a senior position, three or four years’ experience of developing web applications will be expected, particularly in regards to object-oriented JavaScript. Familiarity with HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX may also be expected.

A general knowledge of infosec is beneficial if you’re thinking of becoming a JavaScript developer. This is because your work will involve understanding security issues such as cross-site scripting and browser incompatibilities.

Working with JavaScript can open the door to many possible career paths. Whatever platform or software you end up working on however, you’ll likely find yourself building, coding and testing applications. Excellent communication skills will be advantageous as you liaise with software architects, web designers and other IT professionals.

Becoming a JavaScript developer requires an ability to work under pressure and solve complex problems. Good time-management skills will also be expected to ensure that important projects are delivered on schedule.

What salary can I expect as a Javascript developer?

Javascript developer salaries average around £38K in the UK, rising to £42K in London. With 10% of JavaScript positions offering a salary in excess of £57K, it is a role that promises an attractive salary that is commensurate with experience and track record.

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