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Media agency jobs

Media Agency Jobs

The role of media agencies is to ensure that marketing messages appeal to consumers and are targeted at the right audience. Successful media agencies ensure that the advertiser pays the best possible price and see to it that the marketing message is optimised to ensure the maximum possible impact. Media agencies possess a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and are adept at tailoring advertising messages to suit. Media agencies serve as a crucial link between the client and the consumer, configuring the marketing message of the former to maximise the interest of the latter.

What do media agency jobs entail?

Media agency jobs encompass a broad spectrum of roles, all of which are based around the advertising, media and creative sectors. Media agency jobs can include roles involving strategy and communications, account management, project management, media planning, buying, research and auditing.

To obtain a media agency job, a degree is generally required though is not essential – some firms may hire apprentices with no formal qualifications, with the key skills being acquired on the job. Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn are useful attributes to bring to any profession, but this is especially true when seeking a media agency role.

Creativity coupled with great interpersonal skills will also help you to go far should you find work with a media agency. Selling is an integral part of the job, as media agencies typically have to sell ad space to brands. Many media agencies operate purely in the digital domain. Digital media agencies help businesses promote their brand across the web, mobile and tablet devices. Good digital agencies are adept at exploiting developing technologies and using the web to its full potential to deliver successful campaigns.

What salary can I expect from a media agency job?

Media agency salaries start relatively low for graduates with little to no experience – typically £18-20k. After just a couple of years on the job, however, this figure can be expected to rise to £25k, while media agency management roles command a salary in excess of £40k.

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