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Packaging Designer Jobs

Packaging Designer Jobs

Packaging designers specialise in making product cases and packaging look aesthetically-pleasing to entice consumers. This is a fast-paced job that attracts skilled individuals who have a real flair for design.

What do packaging designer jobs involve?

Your role will be to design product packaging that is attractive and eye-catching. The packaging will also need to be safe and cost-effective. A packaging design team will typically sketch concepts in accordance with the client’s brief. One or more of these may then be developed into a full design.

Most packaging designers work for design firms or for the in-house design department of corporations, though it is also possible to work as an independent contractor. This role would typically be obtained after gaining experience with a design firm.

As well as a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, many employers will require on-the-job experience of up to eight years, as will likely be the case when applying for advanced packaging design positions.

To become a top packaging designer, you should possess excellent communicative skills and the ability to work under pressure in order to meet tight deadlines. Suffice to say that a high level of creative ability is also vital.

Developing a portfolio is an important step towards securing a job as a packaging designer. This will demonstrate to an employer that your qualifications are matched by an ability to create enticing designs.

Packaging designers typically work with standard industry software, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

What salary can I expect as a packaging designer?

While a junior packaging designer can expect a salary of £15-18K, this can rise to as much as £45-50k for a senior position. As with many design jobs, experience is the key to commanding a better salary.

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