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PowerPoint Specialist Jobs

PowerPoint Specialist Jobs

Everybody in the younger generation remembers using PowerPoint at school, but PowerPoint specialist jobs will generally require a higher degree of knowledge than the ability to make your title fade in! Delivering presentations, speeches etc successfully in a way that will engage the audience has been a long-standing problem in the business world, with PowerPoint often used as a tool to further this aim. PowerPoint specialists are often an integral part of this process, designing the interactive, colourful and dynamic slide shows that will support the presenters speech with graphics, facts and other information. Public speaking can be difficult, whether in front of 100 students or 7 members of staff - the PowerPoint presentations are often an essential and much relied upon addition.

What Do PowerPoint Specialist Jobs Involve?

PowerPoint specialist jobs involve working with other departments, individuals or clients to create (as the job title suggests) dynamic, engaging and informative PowerPoint presentations that will grab and maintain the target audiences attention. Whilst PowerPoint specialist jobs will obviously require an excellent understanding of the Microsoft PowerPoint and other Microsoft programs, it will also require good knowledge of other design programs such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to create graphics which will be integrated into the presentations designed with PowerPoint. The individual duties will differ depending on the employers, but will focus predominantly on design and animation in order to create powerful PowerPoint presentations.

What Salary Could I Expect From PowerPoint Specialist Jobs?

PowerPoint has been a key business tool for many years and the need for talented designers and PowerPoint specialists has increased significantly over these years. Subsequently, the salaries that can be expected for PowerPoint specialist jobs are more generous than some other aspects of graphic design - due in part to the fact that these specialists need the same skills as most designers but in addition to an excellent understanding of the PowerPoint program. These salaries can start from around £25k in the UK for experienced and qualified specialists and rise to as much as £35-40k depending on the location and nature of the position. There are also a good number of freelance roles available. Freelance rates are between £20 and £27 depending if they are Limited Company Contractors or freelancing on a PAYE basis.

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