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Project manager jobs

Project manager jobs

Project manager jobs in the creative services industry can be very varied because the industry itself is equally varied. Whether it’s advertising and PR or design and development, many companies handling many different clients or particularly large clients, require the services of a project manager to ensure that all aspects of the process are completed smoothly, in-time and in-budget.

The creative services industry in particular can require many different areas of design, or advertising, that require very specific skills, within one particularly project. Ensuring that all these different areas are completed in a timely manner and then brought together to create the finished product can be difficult, without the project manager to supervise this.

What do project manager jobs involve?

The actual subject of project manager jobs will differ but could be the development and implementation of iphone apps, websites, or interactive installations for a client, or indeed handling large advertising campaigns, whether that be for one major client or several smaller clients. They will be required to supervise and manage a team of staff - which may include designers, developers, third party suppliers etc - each with different tasks but with the same end goal. The project manager job will be likely to co-ordinate the initial planning of how they will reach the target, or how an advertising budget will be spent, utilising the experience and knowledge of the expert staff in the various fields. They will also be responsible for the reporting and paperwork associated with the successful completion of the project, ensuring that the project is completed within the budget afforded to the company by their clients and to report directly to the higher authority on behalf of the project. As the name suggests, project manager jobs are generally responsible for the management of their team during the period of the project and like any manager, will be responsible for ensuring that tasks are completed on time and in budget. Many Project Manager jobs will require skills in formal recognized methodologies like; Agile, Prince 2 and Waterfall. Experience of one, or all of the for a project management job is becoming essential.

What salary could I expect from project manager jobs?

Project manager jobs, like other project management positions can be a potentially stressful role, often working long hours as a deadline nears. However, they are often compensated for this with salaries between £25,000 - £30,000 with just a little experience rising to £450,000 - £55,000 for senior project managers depending on experience and the type of projects that you have worked on and, of course, location and qualifications. With demand for suitably experienced and qualified project managers expected to grow significantly over the next 5 years, this wage may well continue to increase.

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