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Ruby On Rails Developer Jobs

Ruby on Rails Developer Jobs 

Ruby on Rails, an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language, has rapidly become an integral part of many of the major websites we use on a daily basis without many people ever having heard of it. Major sites including the likes of Spotify, Scribd, Yahoo!, Twitter and the NASA all incorporate Ruby on Rails in some capacity as well as websites of companies such as JP Morgan, the BBC, Amazon and Groupon. This has given birth to a whole new job category for people who are well versed in Ruby on Rails and the Ruby programming language as a whole - a job category that is significantly less densely populated than the more easily-learned developer and designer software’s such as Wordpress.

What do Ruby on Rails Developer Jobs Involve?

The daily duties of a Ruby on Rails developer will involve the use of Ruby on Rails and the Ruby programming language in order to create, improve and maintain web applications, generally for commercial use. You will likely work with other areas of the development team and working with the project manager to meet the requirements of your employer and/or the clients. Obviously the key skill set will focus on the Ruby on Rails framework but successful candidates will likely require good knowledge of other areas of design and development, and at least a foundation knowledge of the various other programming and development software’s that will work in conjunction with Ruby on Rails. The higher degree of knowledge and experience within the field, as with most jobs, the higher salaries you will be able to command.

What Salary Could I Expect From Ruby on Rails Developer Jobs?

Ruby on Rails developer jobs will often come with salaries starting at £21,000-£25,000 but with the average annual wage being approximately £30,000-35,000. Senior Ruby on Rails developers or particularly experienced, qualified or knowledgeable developers can command salaries in excess of £35,000 and up to £55000. As the job market grows and more and more companies begin to incorporate Ruby on Rails into their online presence, the salaries will no doubt rise, as intelligent tech companies such as Twitter and Groupon compete for the most talented and experienced developers.

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