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Social Media Executive Jobs

A Social Media Executive is responsible for managing a company’s entire social media strategy. The job involves monitoring and analysing social media trends, identifying issues and reacting to these. As well as being familiar with analytical software, Social Media Executives will typically be highly motivated and excellent communicators.

What do Social Media Executive jobs entail?

Social Media Executive is a broad job description – one in which you will assume overall control of a company’s social media programme. The role is most commonly found at corporations, although some medium-sized enterprises – especially those with a strong online presence – may also have a dedicated social media executive. The Social Media Executive acts as the point of contact between senior management and the company’s social media department.

To become a Social Media Executive you’ll need to have a minimum of one years’ industry experience, including evidence of successfully running social media campaigns. You’ll also be expected to have supervisory experience. You will be in charge of developing a harmonious social media strategy and will assume responsibility for the performance of digital marketing initiatives.

The Social Media Executive will liaise closely with management and identify ways in which the company’s social media can be integrated with its marketing strategy as a whole. While some aspects of the job call for traditional managerial skills – creativity, initiative, and teamwork to name a few – there’s also a technical aspect involved. Social media metrics will need to be analysed and multi-platform data will be gathered, aggregated and interpreted, to drive future campaigns and assess the efficacy of current ones.

What salary can I expect as a Social Media Executive?

Social Media Executive salaries start at £25k, rising steadily according to the size of the company thus the amount of responsibility the job entails. Most Social Media Executive jobs will not exceed £40k, though there are exceptions and of course promotions to more senior roles within social media.

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