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Traffic manager jobs

Traffic manager jobs

If you are thinking of applying for traffic manager jobs in advertising, one key quality is organisation. Similar to a project manager, a traffic manager is required to ensure that the whole process of producing and implementing an advertising campaign goes as smoothly as possible and equally importantly, is kept within the budget that they have been given. It’s one thing missing a deadline or going over the budget on a project for your employer, but in the case of advertising and PR companies where you are essentially spending a clients advertising budget, the ramifications can be a lot more sever.

Whilst deadlines are important in all businesses, PR and advertising companies have a particularly important focus on meeting deadlines because a missed one will likely mean that they are no longer able to publish the press release or advertisement in that particular issue of a magazine or newspaper. A traffic managers role is to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

What do traffic manager jobs involve?

Traffic manager jobs have one key role, but that role incorporates many different tasks. In a similar sense to a project manager, an advertising traffic manager is responsible for the co-ordination of a particular advertising project ensuring that, from the conception to the publishing, the project is completed on time and in budget. Traffic manager jobs are usually only associated with larger advertising businesses and campaigns and they will be required not just to manage the process but also to ensure that the higher authorities in the firm and the client themselves are able to stay up-to-date with regular reports on the status of the campaign and whether they are still in line to meet the scheduled completion date. The difference between Traffic Manager jobs and Project Manager jobs is often that the Traffic Manager manages the internal resources attributed to projects, whilst a Project Manager looks at specific projects and talks to the Traffic Manager to ensure the resources internally are allocated at the correct time!

What salary could I expect from traffic manager jobs?

Traffic manager jobs usually attract an average salary of around £30,000 - £45,000 a year depending on circumstances. There has been a switch in advertising spend from offline to online, reflecting the greater desire for accountability. The result of this is that large internet campaigns also require a significant amount of management and reporting and consequently it is likely that the amount of traffic manager jobs focused on online advertising and promotion will increase over the coming years.

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