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Digital Producer Jobs

Digital Producer Jobs

The ever increasing importance of online technology has driven growing demand for digital producers within companies of all sizes covering many different industries, from freelancing digital producers to full-time in house employees. Radio, music, television and film really kicked off the need for digital producers in entertainment but when the internet became of growing importance, the market grew substantially. As mobile apps and internet revolutionised the industry once again, digital producers were now in greater demand than ever before from all sort of businesses.

What do Digital Producer Jobs Involve?

Digital producers, sometimes referred to as digital media producers or digital media specialists, are responsible for creating the dynamic imagery that is on display on many websites, in many videos and particularly in recent years, in films. Digital producer jobs can also involve working with music, creating audio clips, soundbites and other audio effects that we hear regularly - particularly on television, films and the radio. The individual tasks can involve everything from developing viral videos and moving advertisement to creating digital characters, advertisements and other marketing material. In a sense digital producer jobs are similar in nature to that of graphic designers but incorporate a much higher level of design and creativity, rather than creating designs using existing material digital producers will be create entirely original content and images.

What Salary Could I Expect From Digital Producer Jobs?

Digital producer jobs can often attract generous salaries, although these salaries can range significantly depending on the job offered, the individual requirements for the jobs, the producer’s experience and of course the company offering the digital producer jobs. At the lower end of the scale digital producers can expect to earn around £18,000 - £24,000 per year working on marketing and promotional designs, whereas those specialising in areas such as audio creation and dynamic videos can expect annual salaries up to £60,000.

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