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Our Team

Maria Jones

Digital Creative and Design Managing Consultant

Specialising in Design / Creative


Here at Source, I specialise in Freelance Digital Designers

I joined Source with just under 3 years recruitment experience within the Design industry.

Before joining the Digital Space, I worked in Recruitment in Construction – Lets just say steel toe boots and hard hats really weren’t my thing.

What I love most about my job, is the candidates! The designers I work with are really talented, extremely cool and very reliable!

What I love most about Source is how transparent we are as a company. If we can’t help you, we will let you know. And if we can, You will receive a professional, respectful and successful experience with us.

Outside of work, I enjoy going to the theatre, drinking lots of Sauvignon Blanc and spending time with my lovely friends and family! I also really enjoy to people watch (whilst drinking Sauvignon Blanc) I mean, who doesn’t!

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@eFloristflowers So my valentines flowers have just turned up and they are absolutely awful! A day late.. and brown! Do you think that's ok?

2 Months Ago

...these roles are #london based. Please get in touch!! Really cool client :)

About 1 Year Ago

#freelance - I need to speak with #video #editors who can speak the following languages - #Japanese #french #German #Dutch #Chinese #korean

About 1 Year Ago

Happy Monday! Really keen to add some new candidates to our books! #MotionDesigner #UIDesigner #DigitalDesigner #freelancer #London #Jobs

Over 1 Year Ago

RT @DigiFuturesLDN: Thought of the day: 'Make your passion your paycheck.'

About 2 Years Ago

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