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Nick Grantham

UX and Tech Manager

Specialising in UX & Tech


I’m an experienced Recruitment Consultant who made the change from specialising in IT and Banking,  into a sector I genuinely have a passion for and connection with, having completed a degree in design (a few) years ago. I’m focused on User Centred Design, specifically UX Consultancy and Information Architecture - both for agencies and for client-side companies. Reputation is everything to me and my work is focused on ensuring that I deliver around a managed expectation, rather than promising the world. Recruitment aside, I’m a massive petrol-head. Feel free to talk to me about anything that has an engine and makes loud noises!

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Job opportunities

UX Recruitment Consultant

  • £20,000 - £35,000 per annum
  • UX Recruitment Consultant
  • Recruitment Consultancy
  • London
  • £20k - £35k

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Love a bit of Robocop-styling....Navya's fully self-driving taxi looks straight out of Robocop; #tech #robotaxi

15 Days Ago

YES!..... How to Bring Disruptive Innovation to Your Design Process: via @uxmastery #UX #DisruptiveInnovation

15 Days Ago

What UX Designers Really Want from User Research; #ux #uxresearch #uxr #findtheirwhy via @uxmatters

17 Days Ago

RT @whatusersdo: Functional. Minimal. Single purpose. Let's explore the marmite of web #design.

20 Days Ago

WE'RE HIRING!... Join myself, @Tommy_UX and @MattWoods_LF on the UX Recruitment team here at Source Towers :)

20 Days Ago

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